Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL)

Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL),

How To Define Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL)?

  1. A simple definition of Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL) is: Synonym Automated Trade Policy (BAP)

Literal Meanings of Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL)


Meanings of Comprehensive:
  1. Solve it by including all or almost all the elements or aspects of an object.

  2. Based on understanding.

  3. High schools that accept children of all levels in a particular area.

Sentences of Comprehensive
  1. Full list of fonts

  2. Training as an accountant after leaving the center

Synonyms of Comprehensive

diverse, diversified, wide, broad, broad-based, eclectic, indiscriminate


Meanings of Auto:
  1. A basket

  2. Automatic abbreviation (name means 3)

Synonyms of Auto

automobile, motor, machine


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or thing whose presence or behavior causes embarrassment or harm.

Synonyms of Liability

accountability, responsibility, legal responsibility, answerability, hindrance, encumbrance, burden, handicap, nuisance, inconvenience


Meanings of CAL:
  1. Small calories

  2. Lots of calories

  3. Computer-assisted (or assisted) learning.