Compounding Interest

Compounding Interest,

What is The Definition of Compounding Interest?

  • The definition of Compounding Interest is: Interest paid on principal and accrued interest.

Literal Meanings of Compounding Interest


Meanings of Compounding:
  1. Create (all comprehensive) to create.

  2. Doing (something wrong) adds to the negative.

  3. Refrain from prosecuting (crimes) for money or other considerations.

  4. Anything that consists of two or more separate elements is called a mixture.

  5. Contains or consists of several parts or elements.

  6. Open space surrounded by a fence, for example around a factory, large house or jail.

Sentences of Compounding
  1. Spanish and Dutch

  2. Prisoners have no contact with the outside world, escalating their worries

  3. The air smells like a mixture of diesel and petrol smoke

  4. Compound name

  5. The villages are quite dense and consist of clusters of cages surrounded by fences made of millet poles

Synonyms of Compounding

make worse, admixture, add to, increase, be made up of, amalgamation, exacerbate, synthesis, blend, mixture, consolidation, mix, fusion, composite, heighten, amalgam, augment, complex, combination, worsen, meld, be composed of, intensify, be constituted of, aggravate, be formed from, magnify


Meanings of Interest:
  1. Creating curiosity or attention

  2. The state of wanting to know or learn something or someone.

  3. Amount that is paid at a fixed rate to be used for borrowing money permanently or for delay in repayment of loans.

  4. The benefit or use of a person or group.

  5. A company's process, act or action, especially of a financial nature.

  6. A group or organization that has a particular common concern, especially in politics or business.

Sentences of Interest
  1. I think Eric might be interested in the book.

  2. He looks around with interest

  3. Integration is not in the public interest

  4. Voters must declare their interests

  5. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

stake, of benefit to, fascinate, attract, be attractive to, profits, equity, returns, scrutiny, intrigue, undivided attention, dividends, share, appeal to, heed, to the advantage of, for the sake of, for the benefit of, absorption, portion, investment, be of interest to, engrossment, stock, notice, regard, claim