Definition of Composite:

  1. Relating to or denoting a classical order of architecture consisting of elements of the Ionic and Corinthian orders.

  2. Made up of various parts or elements.

  3. The Composite order of architecture.

  4. A thing made up of several parts or elements.

  5. A plant of the daisy family (Compositae).

  6. Relating to or denoting plants of the daisy family (Compositae).

  7. Combine (two or more images) to make a single picture, especially electronically.

  8. Made up of distinct components, elements, or parts, and combining their essential or typical characteristics while preserving their separate identities.

Synonyms of Composite

Amalgamation, Amalgam, Combination, Compound, Fusion, Synthesis, Mixture, Blend, Meld, Admixture, Conglomeration, Admixture, Alloy, Amalgam, Amalgamated, Ambiguous, Ambivalent, Amphibious, Blend, Blended, Certain, Combination, Combined, Combo, Commixture, Complex, Composition, Compound, Compounded, Concoction, Confection, Conglomerate, Dappled, Eclectic, Ensemble, Equivocal, Fifty-fifty, Half-and-half, Heterogeneous, Immixture, Indiscriminate, Integral, Integrant, Integrated, Intermixture, Intricate, Ironic, Jumbled, Magma, Many-sided, Medley, Mingled, Miscellaneous, Mixed, Mixture, More, More than one, Motley, Multifaceted, Multinational, Multiracial, Not singular, Numerous, Paste, Patchy, Plural, Pluralistic, Plurative, Promiscuous, Rolled into one, Scrambled, Some, Syncretic, Thrown together, Unified, Unitary, United, Varied, Various, Compound, Complex

How to use Composite in a sentence?

  1. This soup is one of those composite dishes which you gradually build up.
  2. Leona was experienced a enough to know that the pedestal shed bought wasnt genuine marble but actually a composite of several cheaper materials.
  3. The plants sprouting now include grasses, clovers, dandelions, several types of thistle, mustards, and small composites.
  4. Two pieces of footage depicting the halves of the ship were composited to give the impression of the full ship sinking into the water.
  5. The Silestone countertop I purchased is actually a composite of natural and man-made materials as opposed to granite which is strictly a natural stone product.
  6. Particle board is an example of a composite material, as it is made up of many pieces of wood and other materials, all of which are visible in the finished product.
  7. The English legal system is a composite of legislation and judicial precedent.

Meaning of Composite & Composite Definition

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