Definition of Compliance:

  1. Authentication or certification that the measurement author (e.g., test report author) or manufacturer or supplier of the product meets the requirements of the recognized practice, set of rules, regulations, set standards or terms of the contract. See also compliance.

  2. The act or process of fulfilling a wish or command.

  3. When subject to a force, the property of the material undergoes elastic deformation or changes in volume (gas). This is the opposite of harshness.

Synonyms of Compliance

Hearty assent, Affirmative, Loyalty, Amenability, Submittal, Heed, Assent, Favorable disposition, Reconciliation, Traditionalism, Obeisance, OK, Resignation, Favorableness, Correspondence, Quakerism, Heeding, Eagerness, Quietism, Humbleness, Agreeableness, Faith, Accommodation, Benevolence, Permission, Consent, Endorsement, Humility, Duteousness, Respect, Satisfaction, Acquittance, Promptness, Approval, Supineness, Blessing, Agreement, Willingness, Affability, Servitium, Kindness, Uncomplainingness, Willing heart, Suit service, Pliability, Obedience, Carrying out, Passiveness, Responsiveness, Passivity, Submissiveness, Welcome, Adjustment, Consent, Assentation, Nonviolent resistance, Practice, Servility, Generousness, Allegiance, Unreluctance, Line, Aye, Flexibility, Dutifulness, Cheerful consent, Consistency, Conformance, Resignedness, Receptivity, Observation, Submission, Affirmative voice, Benignity, Agreement in principle, Agreeability, Conformation other-direction, Willing ear, Tractability, Promptitude, Acquiescence, ■■■■■■■■■, Care, Approbation, Obediency, Orthodoxy, Harmony, Goodwill, Receptive mood, Okay, Kneeling, Strictness, Passive resistance, Concurrence, Meekness, Sanction, Readiness, Accordance, Alacrity, Acceptance, Adaptation, Pliancy, Yielding, Observance, Right mood, Decency, Malleability, Fealty, Obligingness, Nonresistance, Discharge, Receptiveness, Suit and service, Affirmation, Service, Conventionality, Accession, Uniformity, Support, Connivance, Accord, Deference, Acceptance, Accession, Nonopposal, Graciousness, Unloathness, Conformity, Yielding, Zeal, Amiability, Gameness, Ungrudgingness, Compliance, Keeping, Accommodatingness, General agreement, Acquittal, Homage, Zealousness, Reconcilement, Adherence, Agreement, Ratification, Subjection, Ardor, Complaisance, Performance, Docility, Forwardness, Enthusiasm, Capitulation, Kindliness, Warm assent, Graciosity, Nonopposition, Congruity, Fulfillment, Adaption, Cooperativeness

How to use Compliance in a sentence?

  1. They should ensure cooperation or compliance with each other.
  2. When you work for a company, you should always follow all policies and procedures.
  3. Presenting the last audit conducted in 2012, the investment firm demonstrated compliance with federal regulations.
  4. It looks good and has a good balance between rigidity and elasticity, but the round shapes look weird compared to the modern shapes.
  5. The policeman asked them to immediately settle the dispute or he would be arrested and sent to the regional jail.

Meaning of Compliance & Compliance Definition

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Compliance Definition:

  • Definition of Compliance: See: Tax Compliance

Meanings of Compliance

  1. Action or process, to fulfill a wish or order

  2. When a force is applied, in order to change its volume, the properties of a substance have to be reshaped with the outline or (of gas). This is equivalent to a severe retaliation.

Sentences of Compliance

  1. Mutual cooperation or guarantee of compliance is essential.

  2. It looks good and has a nice balance of stiffness and fit, but the round shape is weird compared to the modern shape.

Synonyms of Compliance

acquiescence , passivity , resignation , observance , docility , obedience , complaisance , amenability , deference , conformity , submission , concurrence , assent , tractability , submissiveness , consent , yielding , concession


The process of compliance with policies and decisions. Policies may be based on internal policies, procedures and requirements, or on external laws, regulations, standards and conventions.

Compliance is the practice of understanding and following rules, regulations and laws. Social media compliance is especially relevant for organizations in regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. These companies are subject to strict rules about how they can use social networks and how their social content should be archived.