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Compliance Officer,

What is Compliance Officer?

  • Definition of Compliance Officer: Compliance officers are company employees who ensure that the company complies with external legal and regulatory requirements as well as internal guidelines and regulations. The compliance officer is usually the head of the company's compliance department.

    • The compliance officer is the one who ensures that the company complies with external legal and regulatory requirements as well as internal guidelines.
    • Compliance officers need their supervisors to work closely with management and employees to identify and control disciplinary risks.
    • In the event of a breach of the rules, it is important that the compliance officer take appropriate disciplinary action to prevent future recurrence.

  • Compliance Officer refers to A manager whose job it is to ensure that the company complies with regulations and that its employees follow internal policies and procedures.

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Meanings of Compliance:
  1. Action or process, to fulfill a wish or order.

  2. When a force is applied, to change its volume, to change the shape or form of a material property (of gas). This is equivalent to a severe retribution.

Sentences of Compliance
  1. Mutual cooperation or guarantee of compliance is essential

  2. It looks nice and has a nice balance of stiffness and fit, but the round shapes are weird compared to the modern shapes.

Synonyms of Compliance

yielding, compliance, capitulation, agreement, consent, accession, acceptance


Meanings of Officer:
  1. Hand over to military officers.

  2. A person who holds the position of command or authority in the army in a military, merchant navy, or passenger ship.

  3. Holders of public, civil or church office.

  4. Some category members in some honorary orders.

Sentences of Officer
  1. The elite continued to wield considerable political power and leadership

  2. He is also an army officer

  3. Probation Officer

  4. Officers and members of the Yukon Order of Pioneers attended in large numbers.

Synonyms of Officer

office-holder, committee member, envoy, office-bearer, executive, official, deputy, representative, administrator, messenger, public servant, commissioner, board member, dignitary, functionary, agent, bureaucrat