Definition of Completion:

  1. Stage in project financing where (after the completion test) the cash flows from the project itself become the primary source of repayment of the loans. Before completion, the sponsors of the project or its turnkey contractor is the primary source.

  2. The action or process of finishing something.

Synonyms of Completion

Realization, Accomplishment, Achievement, Fulfilment, Execution, Consummation, Finalization, Resolution, Accomplishment, Achievement, Administration, Bitter end, Carrying out, Catastrophe, Climax, Close, Closure, Commission, Completing, Conclusion, Conduct, Consummation, Culmination, Denouement, Discharge, Dispatch, Effectuation, Enactment, End, End result, Ending, Enforcement, Execution, Final result, Finale, Finish, Finishing, Fulfillment, Full development, Handling, Implementation, Last act, Management, Maturation, Maturity, Observance, Payoff, Perfection, Performance, Perpetration, Prosecution, Realization, Ripeness, Rounding off, Rounding out, Termination, Terminus, Topping off, Topping-off, Transaction, Windup

How to use Completion in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to finish every task to completion before starting the next so that you dont have to many things going on.
  2. Funds for the completion of the new building.
  3. We had finally finished research and development and our product was in completion , hitting the shelves and we could rely solely on sales to fund our company from this point on.
  4. The completion of the project was cause for a celebration as the team had been working on this project for a year.

Meaning of Completion & Completion Definition