Definition of Completed:

  1. (often used for emphasis) to the greatest extent or degree; total.

  2. The state of having a task, project or assignment finished or accomplished. The term usually denotes a successful conclusion but can also be used to indicate that there is no further work that needs to be done.

  3. Having all the necessary or appropriate parts.

  4. Provide with the item or items necessary to make (something) full or entire.

  5. Finish making or doing.

Synonyms of Completed

Finish off, Round off, Top off, Make perfect, Perfect, Crown, Cap, Complement, Add the finishing touch to, Add the final touch to, Finished, Ended, Concluded, Completed, Finalized, Accomplished, Achieved, Fulfilled, Discharged, Settled, Done, Absolute, Out-and-out, Utter, Total, Real, Outright, Downright, Thoroughgoing, Thorough, Positive, Proper, Veritable, Prize, Perfect, Consummate, Unqualified, Unmitigated, Sheer, Rank

How to use Completed in a sentence?

  1. He completed his PhD in 1993.
  2. I will be returning to the office once I have completed the necessary paperwork with my new client and his spouse.
  3. John had spent several months working on this particular piece of art and, after applying the finishing touches, he was proud to say that he had completed the painting.
  4. The story was completed and we could start the next phase of the project, which would be a lot more fun and interesting.
  5. Complete your collection of Britains brightest gardening magazine.
  6. A complete ban on smoking.
  7. A complete list of courses offered by the university.

Meaning of Completed & Completed Definition

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