Complementary good

Complementary good,

Definition of Complementary good:

  1. Substances or their use are related to or related to the use of the appropriate good that one's demand (for example, tires) creates another's demand (eg petrol). When the price of something goes down and people buy more, they usually buy more of the extra item, regardless of whether the price goes down or not. When the price of a good increases and the demand decreases, it can also reduce the demand for that good. Also known as a supplement.

How to use Complementary good in a sentence?

  1. You want to offer complementary products that can be sold with your main product to increase sales.
  2. It is a complementary item and is usually purchased with other items, such as petrol and the like.
  3. Examples of complementary substances are seeds and fertilizers in the agribusiness, as seed planting is an activity that requires the use of good fertilizers.

Meaning of Complementary good & Complementary good Definition