Definition of Complacent:

  1. Contented, yet unconcerned, and uneager to improve or change. He had been getting decent grades, mostly Bs, for so long that he had become complacent and unwilling to try any harder to improve his scores up to an excellent level..

Synonyms of Complacent

Bovine, Consequential, Narcissan, Narcissine, Narcissistic, Narcistic, Overproud, Overweening, Self-admiring, Self-approving, Self-assuming, Self-complacent, Self-congratulating, Self-congratulatory, Self-content, Self-contented, Self-delighting, Self-endeared, Self-esteeming, Self-gratulating, Self-gratulatory, Self-important, Self-loving, Self-respecting, Self-satisfied, Self-sufficient, Smug, Vain, Vainglorious

How to use Complacent in a sentence?

  1. Her boss wanted to see her work harder, but she had become complacent and figured it was enough to do the bare minimum each day.
  2. Economist warn Wall Street official not to become complacent and to remain ever vigilant in their regulation and analysis of the state of the global financial markets.
  3. He had become complacent with his life, he didnt like how things had settled into a daily routine and he didnt do anything spontaneous any more.

Meaning of Complacent & Complacent Definition