Competitive bidding

Competitive bidding,

Definition of Competitive bidding:

  1. A transparent procurement method by which a competing contractor, supplier or seller is encouraged to bid, reveals the scope, specifications and terms of the publicly proposed contract and the criteria by which the bid is evaluated. Will be used to The purpose of tenders is to procure goods and services at the lowest possible price, to avoid competition and preferential treatment. (1) In an open offer (also called an open offer), a closed offer is open to anyone who (2) participates in opening an offer in a closed offer (also called a closed offer). Wants Closed bids are open only in the presence of competent authorities. See also Competitive Negotiations.

How to use Competitive bidding in a sentence?

  1. There is a lot of competition and people are really trying to make the most of this business.
  2. Governments use competitive deals to get what they want, to get what they want, while business lawyers believe they have the opportunity.
  3. In one bid, ACME was able to close the deal as the lowest bidder. Now the question is, can they be sold at such a low price?

Meaning of Competitive bidding & Competitive bidding Definition

Competitive Bidding,

How To Define Competitive Bidding?

A situation in which the policyholder requests a premium reference from his agent / broker for his insurance program. In some cases, policyholders provide detailed details to agents / brokers based on their offers. In other cases, agents / brokers offer coverage proposals that reflect their ideas for policy programs for policyholders.

Literal Meanings of Competitive Bidding


Meanings of Competitive:
  1. Integrated or competitive feature.

  2. Better or better than such people.

Sentences of Competitive
  1. Competitive sports

  2. An automotive industry that competes with each other in the world

Synonyms of Competitive

ruthless, merciless, aggressive, fierce


Meanings of Bidding:
  1. Offer a special price for something at auction.

  2. Ask or ask someone something.

Sentences of Bidding
  1. Another company that participated in the bid was General Electric

  2. Secret associations they will work

Synonyms of Bidding

auction, command, order, instruction, dictate, decree, injunction, demand, mandate, direction, charge, summons, call