Definition of Competence:

  1. A set of skills, responsibilities, knowledge and related skills that allow an individual (or organization) to act effectively in a job or situation.

    Qualification shows that there is enough knowledge and skill to allow a person to work in different situations. Because each level of responsibility has its own needs, competition can arise at any point in a person's life or at any point in his or her career.

  2. Law: The ability to understand a person's situation and act wisely. Disputes over a person's jurisdiction are resolved by judges, not professionals (such as a doctor or psychiatrist), although judges can consult a specialist before making a decision. It is also known as legal competence.

  3. The ability to do something successfully or effectively.

  4. Generally, you do not get enough income to make a living.

Synonyms of Competence

Suitedness, Faculty, Capability, Rightful authority, Seamanship, Command, Bare sufficiency, Competency, Facility, Satisfactoriness, Talent, Right amount, Lawful authority, Jus divinum, Artistry, Efficacy, Bare minimum, Sufficiency, Satisfactory amount, The say, Trim, Tact, Aptitude, Absolute power, Power, Might, Enough, Adroitness, Inherent authority, Vested authority, Appropriateness, Bravura, Savvy, Expertness, Constituted authority, Cunning, Handiness, Artisanship, Efficiency, Readiness, Control, Dextrousness, Style, Royal prerogative, Sufficientness, Authority, Technical brilliance, Divine right, Grace, Prerogative, Competency, Craft, Horsemanship, Caliber, Absolutism, Exact measure, Quickness, Wit, Regality, Adroitness, Tempering, Airmanship, Ingeniousness, Prowess, Satisfaction, ■■■■■■■■■■■ Ableness, The goods, Indirect authority, Practical ability, Capability, Capacity, Resources, Tactfulness, Know-how, Adequacy, Artfulness, Dexterousness, Deftness, Diplomacy, Address, Proficiency, Skill, Technical skill, Delegated authority, Brilliance, Ability, Suitability, Adequate supply, Craftsmanship, Ability, Sufficient, Ingenuity, Right, Savoir-faire, Talent, Technical mastery, Prowess, Flair, Adeptness, Mastership, Accomplishment, Dexterity, Qualification, Minimum, The stuff, Resource, Expertise, Skill, Preparedness, Capacity, Artistry, Virtuosity, Resourcefulness, Susceptibility, Vicarious authority, Virtuosity, Genius, Mastery, Just enough, Condition, Workmanship, Suitableness, Mastery, What it takes, Facilities, Bent, Legitimacy, Technique, Adequateness, Proficiency, Marksmanship, Coordination, Knowledge, Ripeness, Skilfulness, Legal authority, Adeptness, Seasoning, Expertise, Faculties, Skillfulness, Capableness, Timing, The say-so, Cleverness, Finesse, Grip, Fitness, Wizardry, Maturity

How to use Competence in a sentence?

  1. The new engineer demonstrates an exceptional level of skill that makes his employer happy to hire him on the construction site.
  2. The best way to do this is to keep employees in that position for a long time to demonstrate their abilities before they are promoted to a higher position.
  3. To become a teacher, Albert must demonstrate a certain level of competence in his field, pass a license exam, and obtain a diploma.
  4. Players demonstrate different skills.

Meaning of Competence & Competence Definition