Compasso De Willis

Compasso De Willis

What is Willis in Dentistry? 3

The two-piece metal apartment hopes to measure vertical dimensions in two patients, especially those with full teeth. He kept his distance from nose to tail, it was more important for me to tell his number.


This component is used to determine the vertical dimension (DVR) and vertical dimension (DVO) of the reduction of peritoneal (denture) preparation. By defining these dimensions, we can, for example, determine the compression of the two teeth that we will use to make this artificial limb.

As part of Willis, we measure the dimensions that extend from the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the nose.

It can be defined by the type of dimension: vertical repositioning dimension (DVR) and vertical occlusion dimension (DVO).

A DVR was obtained when the patient was measured at a distance from the bridge of the nose to the edge of the mandible, which is vertically flattened with the component of the walrus, lying horizontally high and above the bridge of the nose. ۔ For inferior contact with rice or the bottom edge.

Put the VOD in position or put on make-up, or ask the patient to close it, the measurement was accepted in a positive position or in a vertical direction.

The difference between DVO and DVR is according to the Spanish National Book (EFL) and is considered normal or at least 3.0mm.

© Around the eastern object which is used to obtain low vertical dimension (DVR), vertical dimension (DVO).

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Compasso De Willis