Comparability Analysis

Comparability Analysis,

What is Comparability Analysis?

Comparison of controlled transaction terms with transactions between independent companies (uncontrolled transactions). If there are no differences between the transactions that may affect the testing factors in the procedure (e.g., price or margin) or if reasonable adjustments can be made to eliminate the differences, control and control Transactions can be compared. Significant effect of this difference.

Literal Meanings of Comparability Analysis


Meanings of Comparability:
  1. The fact or standard of being equal and comparable.


Meanings of Analysis:
  1. An in-depth study of the elements or structure of an object.

  2. The process of breaking something into its components.

  3. Identification and measurement of the chemical content of a substance or sample.

  4. This is the part of mathematics that deals with the theory of functions and boundaries, continuity and application of mathematical processes.

  5. When everything is considered (used to show that a statement reveals the basic truth about a complex situation)

Sentences of Analysis
  1. Analysis of popular culture

Synonyms of Analysis

assay, scanning, investigation, study, scrutiny, inspection, testing, survey, perusal