Definition of Compact:

  1. ■■■■ or written solemn agreement, typically among trusting parties.

Synonyms of Compact

Spartan, Abbreviate, Abbreviated, Abridged, Agree, Agree to, Agreement, Airtight, Ammunition box, Aphoristic, Aposiopestic, Ark, Attache case, Baby, Baby-sized, Bandolier, Bantam, Banty, Bargain, Bargain for, Base, Billfold, Bin, Bond, Boot, Box, Brief, Briefcase, Bristling, Brusque, Bunched, Bunker, Caisson, Canister, Capsula, Capsule, Cardcase, Carton, Casket, Cedar chest, Chest, Cigarette case, Circumscribe, Cist, Clamped, Clipped, Close, Close-knit, Close-textured, Close-woven, Clown white, Coarct, Coffer, Coffin, Coincident, Cold cream, Combine, Compact, Compacted, Compendious, Comprehensive, Compress, Compressed, Concentrate, Concentrated, Concise, Concrete, Concurrent, Condense, Condensed, Cone, Congest, Congested, Conjoint, Conjugate, Conjunct, Consolidate, Consolidated, Consortium, Constrict, Constricted, Constringe, Contract, Contracted, Convention, Cordial understanding, Corporate, Cosmetics, Covenant, Cram, Crammed, Crammed full, Cramp, Cramped, Crate, Crawling, Crib, Crisp, Crowd, Crowded, Curt, Curtail, Curtal, Curtate, Cut, Decrease, Decurtate, Dense, Densen, Densify, Diminutive, Dispatch box, Do a deal, Docked, Draw, Draw in, Draw together, Drugstore complexion, Duodecimo, Dustproof, Dusttight, Elliptic, Engage, Entente, Entente cordiale, Envelope, Epigrammatic, Etui, Eye shadow, Eyebrow pencil, Fast, File, File folder, Filing box, Firm, Folio, Foundation, Foundation cream, Full, Gasproof, Gastight, Gluey, Gnomic, Greasepaint, Hand cream, Hand lotion, Handy, Hard, Heavy, Hermetic, Hermetically sealed, Holster, Hope chest, Housewife, ■■■■■, Hutch, Impenetrable, Impermeable, Inclusive, Instantaneous, Integrate, Jam, Jam-packed, Jammed, Joined, ■■■■■, Kit, Knit, Knitted, Laconic, Letter file, Lightproof, Lighttight, Lip rouge, Lipstick, Little, Low, Make a deal, Makeup, Mascara, Massive, Meaty, Miniature, Miniaturized, Minikin, Minimal, Minuscule, Monstrance, Mudpack, Mutual understanding, Nail polish, Narrow, Nipped, Nonporous, Oilproof, Oiltight, Ostensorium, Packed, Packet, Packing case, Pact, Paint, Pillbox, Pinched, Pinched-in, Pithy, Pocket, Pocket-sized, Pod, Pointed, Pony, Populous, Portfolio, Powder, Powder box, Powder puff, Press, Promise, Pruned, Pucker, Pucker up, Puckered, Puff, Purse, Pursed, Quiver, Rack, Rainproof, Raintight, Ram down, Reduce, Reliquary, Reserved, Rouge, Sarcophagus, Scabbard, Sealed, Sententious, Serried, Set, Sheath, Short, Short and sweet, Shorten, Shortened, Shut fast, Skippet, Small, Small-scale, Smokeproof, Smoketight, Snuffbox, Snug, Socket, Solid, Solidified, Solidify, Spectacle case, Squeeze, Squeezed, Staunch, Stipulate, Stormproof, Stormtight, Strangle, Strangled, Strangulate, Strangulated, Subminiature, Substantial, Succinct, Summary, Swarming, Synopsized, Synoptic, Taciturn, Talcum, Talcum powder, Tea chest, Teeming, Terse, Thick, Thick-growing, Thickset, Tight, Till, Tinderbox, To the point, Toy, Transaction, Transient, Truncated, Twelvemo, Understanding, Undertake, Unite, Vanishing cream, Vanity case, Vasculum, Vest-pocket, Viscid, Viscose, Viscous, Wallet, War paint, Wasp-waisted, Water-repellant, Waterproof, Watertight, Windproof, Windtight, Wrinkle, Wrinkled

Meaning of Compact & Compact Definition

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