Como Tomar Tequila

Como Tomar Tequila

In what order is drinking tequila safe?

Or it is easy to put salt on the skin or around the hands, sticking it between the index fingers, sucking or applying salt, drinking quickly, cutting into the circle of lemons. Like other luxury bedas, tequila flakes or cabalito have a special flavor, measuring 60 ml. It can also be filled in a heavy 200 ml cup. However, if someone runs away and is complimented by the dressing room, a waiver is granted or the file is discarded. Differences that occur in appropriate amounts and can be attributed to the aroma in PA with sensory or olive analgesia due to the nature of aging. A dull flavor, with a small target that grafts the entire mouth before the serum is eaten, has astringent properties such as Acidz and flavored resin.




Although tequila is a versatile spirit, it is cared for by a popular ritual: O salt € stÃâ with salt and lemon. No one knows for sure. During the 1918 flu pandemic, most doctors began prescribing Tecla for treatment. Or if one can't control a single epidemic, many people claim that the flu treatment is to continue, or even drink tequila.

Mailer Tecla is a 100-aged Agio Tecla drink. No, this time we have Tequila Jose Cuervo Clasico, Special, (this mix) Traditional, 1800 White, 1800 Reposado, 1800 Aƒ ± Ejo and Reserva De La Familia (all 100 ٪ Agave). And they usually drink the Mexican flag for ecstasies such as the Souza Tequila Blanco, the Souza Tequila Gold and the Souza Tequila Hacienda (Reposada) with cel and lemons, or for oysters such as oranges and cinnamon instead of Mexico: um Saint Tecla ( Golden), the surrounding lemon juice (green) and so on. Sangreta, tomato sauce with normal temperature.

Salt, tequila, lemon.

Because loose salt as a flavor and clean.

Salt, tequila and lemons !!!

Tequila, Topkaj and 51.

Put the tequila (2 servings) in the flakes, where the lemon and cooler and baby salt coffee should be mixed.

Lemons, liquidation and tequila ...

Como Tomar Tequila