Como Tirar O Pis Pela Primeira Vez

Como Tirar O Pis Pela Primeira Vez

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PIS FAQ Â کا Your first employer.

His name is Permission to Work, you recently found out what the item is or NIS.

When you enter or leave your first job to apply for CEE or PIS, in the same case your PIS card or your NIS, which contains the work letter. Whether it is IM or NIS or PIS at the same time, yes there will be a change from NIS to PIS. Stupid things, yes, complicating things because usually employers don't know if they want to enroll and ask for registration and ask for registration, but the CEF says That is, it is already registered and even this registration is reliable that he will take or give the card when he works.

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When you have a Professional Card (Two Sixteen) and set up a separate company for the first registration. To sum up: PIS You must first register at the registered place of employment

Como Tirar O Pis Pela Primeira Vez