Como Tirar Mancha Do Vaso Sanitário

Como Tirar Mancha Do Vaso Sanitário

How do I remove stool stains from a toilet bowl? 3


I say STAIN and not just easy to clean vegetables! I rented the whole apartment which would be fine if it wasn't stuck in the glass!

Sound carbonate, with NCO vinegar and hot water

Or the apartment he bought also has dirty private rooms, so he uses a net loan and I let him go for a few reasons, and it all came to light.

Sandpaper tossed a layer of glass and played with caustic soda.

My part that gets wet in summer is Mailer © bleach (for that Mailer © qboa)

You can see the stain on the back of the toilet paper.

If you use a different asset (sandpaper), you can clean it further and grind it at that time.

Rinse toilet water directly on the stain with soap and let it work for a day, without using it and without downloading daily. Wash the accumulation in the raw, use sage, powder or clean yourself.

I'm sure you're referring to or not having a stool stain.

 Or the result of water flowing due to a malfunction in the valve, I am not afraid to shoot.

Check that the defect is not persistent, such as dry and safe glass around the fabric in the trail region.

If it gets wet, you lose water, adjust or replace the valve.

Brush or use. Sticks and never fit well. Or Inmetro should demand more attention from the manufacturer.

Como Tirar Mancha Do Vaso Sanitário