Como Ter Letra Bonita

Como Ter Letra Bonita

How do you get beautiful handwriting? ۔

I've already done all the calligraphy and I've already seen two other letters and ± ± it looks beautiful, my letter © © capital letters and a lot of people say © ugly. I have a sharp blur.

Thirteen round letters.

Time is like those who do not move fast (in my case)

And each theme has its own characters .. Copies don't even duplicate ... Train multiple characters and write at normal speed as you can see ..

There is not much to do.

You can make a difference for one end ... thinner, more, and so on.

It emits a variety of glows. This can be a great pen for you ...

Will provoke: p.

It was called training, maybe I should get some good handwriting!

Yuton a friend, let him write, it's worse than a doctor, so you already know, Hoshas.

em for an emo, analyst, teacher $$:

Me too, everyone says I'm cute cute, but if I copy it too fast it looks UÃÂ.

Each with its own letter .. !!

Beijing *

I am trying to understand this emo and the teachers are trying to understand my writing.

Facial calligraphy 2 washes a day.

Coaching is not a calligraphy board ...

Super tell me love!

Before the train, practice, approval (:

Como Ter Letra Bonita