Como Temperar File De Frango

Como Temperar File De Frango

What is chicken file seasoning mode? (Do I have to thaw and freeze for a week?) Light?

For me, how to soften chicken with lemon ....... that means add it like this or like lemons, now you don't need to add a little salt, you can add it Can also be added to lemon broth.

More than any other option, you can add cello, or al and onion, depending on the sound temperature you like.

I'm going on my prescription to soften the chicken.


1 kg chicken wire.

1/2 Lime A Juice Form (Squeezed in Raw)

2 colors of rosary soup (fresh میل r mailer)

4 teeth (in years)

Sales and Paper Kingdom; Taste.

Create mode:

Lemon and lava or chicken wire, no big scissors to mix all the ingredients. Watch with PVC film and catch a gel the next day (seasoned or fried).

Grill serving the next day - divided into first or small, frozen and eaten the next day.


The recipe varies, either lemon juice or juicy fruit juice (or of course melmeller and no tea).

Not everything is fried or digested, so never use oil. Grill in non-stick c.

Face beyond Mr. You feel a different and pleasant aroma in your food.

Your ■■■■

Temper mailer with salt and all and grilling ...

Como Temperar File De Frango

Como Temperar File De Frango

Look, if it's going to be light, you shouldn't fry it ...! And 1 kg of chicken ... Benzidios !!!!!

Try cooking with salt, lime (or vinegar). Leave the pasta beam or temp, it can be forged for about 2 days in the refrigerator without any damage. I can freeze some TB, no problem.

There is no experience of roasting or vice versa. Or really hot or on the grill, you?



Como Temperar File De Frango