Como Se Usa El Bidet

Como Se Usa El Bidet

Use of debt, yes in other countries and why not in most countries? ۔

Why in Argentina for example. Lack of intimate hygiene is not a concept, how can other countries resist it?

Besides bathing every day, how do you disinfect yourself when you urinate?

The same written mention of the date is from 1710. The date was set in France, at a time when the cleaning company was being extended to c once a week.

And a regular schedule was created to clean private areas of the body between showers. The syringe appeared in 1750 seconds. It provides upward shower using manual reservoir feed. By 1900, the concentration was transferred to the bedroom as well as the basket. Poritas det In the European continent, the use of s in the bathroom is considered very important, because the bathroom and the latina kitchen are equipped without it. However, most Americans have never seen a spy. Anyone who cries on high quality TV, both in the US and the US. Or in Europe

In rare American clothing. For some, it's a little weird, the way Americans think about cleanliness. Most of them start the day by taking a bath, even grilling once a week. Therefore, the use of spies for personal hygiene in the United States is not so important for figs.

It is interesting to note that American tube manufacturers are among the best detectors and most of them are exported to other countries. Who uses it and why?

Names and can be used by women. Date gives users a free and better time to clean and burn toilet paper. Detention is becoming increasingly important for the elderly, the disabled and the physically handicapped or out of control as an invaluable aid to personal hygiene. Taman dates are used for hip baths.

A hip bath is a bath in which the hips and hips are immersed in water or salt.

Sets baths are used in patients who have had rectal surgery or pain relief from hemorrhoids, uterine pain, prostate infections, ovarian and / or testicular pain. Taman is used to relieve the symptoms of an infection in the veins, prostate or prostate gland. Intestinal diseases are also treated with Sets bath.

In the United States, DAT has developed a glow of numbness that is essentially a finger whose sole purpose is to clean private parts of the body. But it can also be used for foot baths or hand washing. There is a modern date and a basin. Usually made of glass, its shape resembles a toilet. The date was placed in the east-facing bathroom, designed to improve personal hygiene.

There are four main drawbacks: Rage This model is equipped with a standard faucet. The bowl is full of water as you sink. They are usually the cheapest and easiest to install. Small-sided bowls make cleaning easier. Hot edge (clean edge of water bottle) This device has a hot / cold water handle on the lid, water is poured into a bowl under the edge of the pool. Spray Multi Power model is equipped with a spray that guarantees pleasant rain. There are two types of spray: vertical: with a nozzle in the middle of the bowl. Rhizontal: It has a special peripheral cone that produces a horizontal water jet. There is a risk that the siphon will contaminate the water after the spray attachment. This inverter must be installed with an ejector protection. As always, check your blood code before installation. Communication All models combine hot edges and vertical spray options into one device. Styles There are many styles of loan, from traditional to modern, all common to a suitable bathroom.

Can you use

The traditional date is designed to sit alone, with legs raised and facing the faucet. Turn on the water while sitting. When the temperature is right, increase the pressure to direct the jet or rain where it needs to be cleaned. The Alvass model is equipped with a toilet-like user seat. The control elements of this model are located on the side, front or back of the device. The post on the wall helps the user to easily pick up the goods sent there. To make it easier for the user, place a shelf near the catcher to store clothes, clothing and cough medicine.

It doesn't occur to me to evacuate without a second. This is a matter of personal hygiene. Also ... do you feel irritated after using toilet paper?

I prefer to stop it a thousand times, with a good genito, so everything is more than clean !!!

For the culture of each country ...

In other forums it will be black because Argentina is dirty. Its use shows us that we are cleaner than other sites. You !!!!! And in many countries it happens not only with Americans, but also with Europeans ... and I would say that in some countries they don't even bathe daily, once a week.

Excessive use of water is made by many environmentalists who rely on water quality.

Female organs, although internal, external and at the woman's entrance, are very sensitive and susceptible to infections and changes in their flora.

Obviously using a date is good because it will obviously keep you fresh and clean.

Maybe no one has a hairy ■■■ like me, if I don't wear it it sticks to my hair and there is no toilet paper to remove it

Como Se Usa El Bidet