Como Se Gana Un Set En Voley

Como Se Gana Un Set En Voley

How do you get a seat and play volleyball? 3

The winning set of the first incoming team has 25 tons (at least) with two differences of one. If you get 2,424 seats on the left, up to two divisions, two game points. Or Mir, Terminary May 2624, 2725 ... etc

Play three winning team games. I don't have game results like 3 to 0: 3 to 1 or 3 to 2.

It's very simple, if a team wins 25 points before winning the opponent's set, each set has 20 or 25 points, and if the set passes, if one team wins 2 sets It has 25 points for 2 sets. Set if you win the game, p If each team wins one set, the third draws and the one who wins the most seats wins.


Earn 25 points.

To win a set you need to get 25 points with a difference of 2: for example, if the other team has 24 points, you have 26 points to win.

The game is won if either team reaches Gauss's 3 sets, if they have 2 and 2 draws, the 5th set is played at 15 points instead of 25 by 2.

Sometimes the game is played in two sets, so the number of seats is 3.

Como Se Gana Un Set En Voley

Como Se Gana Un Set En Voley

To win a set, you must reach the number of MA points, which is 25 points in indoor volleyball or 21 points in sand volleyball. You must win by at least two points.

Example: 25 to 23

From here, it makes a set.

And to win the game, they have to win most of the seats depending on how many seats there are in the game, because it is played in two ways: professional who plays 5 sets to win 3 and normal, who plays 2 Plays 3 sets to win.

Score 25 points

Sets (depending on the age of the player) are played 25 points, the first to complete 25 points wins and if he wins by 3 2 sets the match

Play at least 25 points.

Como Se Gana Un Set En Voley