Como Se Dice Tijera En Inglés

Como Se Dice Tijera En Inglés

How do you call scissors in French? 3


Scissors, the answer is simple

Scissors for scissors

Scissors or

Knife cutting machine

Scissors, very convenient.

Scissors = scissors.

Speed ​​etiology:


Absis comes from Latin: abcisusaum, to cut, to cut, and in return to cut, to separate from the verb scindo. فرق Length difference: The part of mathematics that measures the use of letters (mathematics does it with numbers) to solve problems in general] up to one of the orthogonal axes (tamé n Cartesian term in Rene Descartes ) Which allows to determine the position. A point in the plane. The axis of abscissa is usually the x axis and the y axis is called the ordinate axis, so a point appearing on the plane is determined by knowing the two points of the abscissa and its ordinate to start the system. As indicated (x, and) the term Castellin from Skandu is derived from the sword cut (cut), the term is widely used in medicine for surgery, and later also from scissors: whatever cuts, which Engraved, the British used this shovel around the scissors as if it were scissors. .

Como Se Dice Tijera En Inglés