Como Se Dice Hola En Japonés

Como Se Dice Hola En Japonés

How do you say it in one?

It is called konichiwa¡Ã¡Ã¡Ã¡

Como Se Dice Hola En Japonés

Como Se Dice Hola En Japonés


Actually everyone has misspelled. In fact it's Connie Wow with two NNs I know it sounds ridiculous so if you want to write with JAM [for a computer editor] who [and more , We can say with them that they are very playful in orthography]

It also depends on what you want to say, if you talk to your friends about Konchiwa you can definitely do it, if you want to direct it more formally and correctly. If so, it becomes: 'AA:

Ohayô [which can end with two oos] Good morning.

Ohayô orgasmimasu Good morning is also a piece of p rompimasu respect, meaning you use it with your elders, teachers, etc.

Konnichi wa nciona is as good as it gets.

Good night.

Oyasumi nasai It's like you have a good night's sleep, literally it's like calming down, please

Esp You answer and tell me another question = D.

Ohio Gosmis means good morning, Ojio Gosmis.

Oho Urban P means good morning! Hope so

Conboa, good night. That is Josiah Konbonova.


Konichiwa there! کونیچیوا۔

esp help goodbye! Happy Holidays!

User Answer - The above is incorrect ... the same.


Konchiwa, do I know what kind of shovel it is and which one?

Good Morning Good Morning Ohio.



BREAK OIA Simonasic.

Como Se Dice Hola En Japonés