Como Se Dice Gracias En Alemán

Como Se Dice Gracias En Alemán

How about Gracias y De a in German?

Thanks, P is more like Dankesha P connection, the latter, e, mixed with Sears de Catalonia, about which I do not think it is connected to the neutral head, p I said in German It's hard to write

On the other hand, thank you for everything, thank you for everything.

On the other hand, this is an informal way of saying and what everyone else is saying.

Hope your help)

When they say to you, thank you (thank you), you answer (by)

And when they say thank you, (like thank you) you answer well

over it

Goodbye> thank you

Welcome to>

Thank you very much.

Thanks = Thanks

From = head

Peace, Greeting!

Como Se Dice Gracias En Alemán