Como Se Dice Agua En Inglés

Como Se Dice Agua En Inglés

How do you say water in French? 3

I heard on Google Translator that water (air) is uncia uƒÂ³rer, meaning the letter t in English sometimes r uncian, right? Or maybe r doesn't like uncia in this case and it's a different letter?

I actually took it to my teacher in the US and he told me that we could have different ways of saying swords in English and Spanish ... I didn't hear that answer.

I hope someone can take me out of my doubts.

There are many variations and accents in Spanish, for example hunting swords are rubbed differently in Red and Lima, while sword locks are different in Buenos Aires, Bogota.

It is the same in France, sometimes in the same country ... London is not like Southampton, New Orleans is not like Los Angeles, Toronto is not like Ottawa, Sydney is not like Eddie, and so on. . .

The method of connecting W varies in different places, as in the case of communication wa, where the letter t is the last it changes from he to a. So depending on where you go, you can hear uota, watta, uorer, uora, gwottterr, etc. And Nina is better or worse than the others.

If you find a window I can tell you the difference, the water I don't know.

We apologize.

So Asian!

Como Se Dice Agua En Inglés