Como Ocultar Numero

Como Ocultar Numero

Or should I create my own number to hide? 3

oiiiiii It is important to hide the Sony Ericsson W200 and my number in the gallery, because when a link to another phone appears, but when it starts to try, a service is available where I have attached a doo to the gallery. ... .. ..

First or hide in paragraph Method 1: Menu> Settings> Chase> My Cha ID or My Number> Inbound. However, knowing when to look for the method or not, indicates that they have not been issued by your operator, for example clearer or automatic or automatic stealth service, © Contact your operator to activate the data or, in case of loss or processing, from the line snake or application with mandatory or verification!

You may need to contact your operator beforehand as this feature also depends on it !!

Not before or link: # 31 # (Done / Tic-Tale + 31 + Done / Tic-Tue) ....

obs: key # If the name stays the same ... they call it a bit of an old game ...

Your phone will not be visible on your cell phone because the person you are calling will be shown as an ID for hidden things, not for private calls. She doesn't know how ...

On his cell phone, Tim must be sure that doesn't work this morning ... from another operator, I don't or ...

Make your phone connect to the person you live with See ...

You put # 31 # but your number calls so you want to see that you don't see the call!


Without the keyboard on the phone, tap Menu> Operations> Services tab.

Tap Chaor ID> Get Settings.

Then you select me I want to see the number.

Como Ocultar Numero

Como Ocultar Numero

See sutaopra as an answer

Como Ocultar Numero