Como Murieron Los Apostoles

Como Murieron Los Apostoles

What did Christ's apostles do and how did they die? 3

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Stephen: One of the seven deacons chosen by the early church and stoned in Jerusalem and the first Christian martyr.

Peter: Suppose he was martyred in Rome in Nero's time. And was crucified upside down.

Andreas: When we arrived at Aedesa Mesoamia on a missionary journey and were crucified, the ends of which were lifted to the ground, the expression on the cross came from Andreas.

Marcos: He was killed by Alexandrians at a big party that met with Adolo Maximus.

James: Son of Zebedee and beheaded in Jerusalem in 44 CE by order of King Agrippa. His courage and boldness in the movement of repentance for his accusers, who claimed to be Christians and were martyred along with the apostles.

Juan: Student on Patmos Island in the year 100.

Philip: He was flogged, imprisoned and then crucified in AD 54 in Asia Minor.

Bartolomy: India's first mission. He translated the Bible into Hindi and spread it throughout the country. And were flogged violently and crucified by idolaters.

Tomas: Llao tamén Día, I preached the gospel in Parthia and tamén in India, where I touched the wrath of the pagan priests and stabbed them with spears.

Luke: He is believed to have been hanged by the pagan Greeks from an olive tree.

Matthew: And Abu was stabbed in Ethiopia at the age of 60.

Santiago: Son of Alfieus and crucified in Egypt.

Santiago: According to World War II historians, El Justo was born.

Judas: Llao tamén Judas Leveo or Thaddeus, and was crucified in 72 AD at Edessa Mesoamia.

Simão: Canaanite, director Zelota. - Unknown

Judas Screw: He died in the atmosphere of Jerusalem in 33 AD.

Matthias: The man chosen to replace Judas was stoned to death in Jerusalem and later beheaded.

Paul: A missionary returned to Rome from a trip, studied at Nero's behest, and was beheaded.

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It's just because of their faith and they were killed, I believe they were crucified too.

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Como Murieron Los Apostoles

Como Murieron Los Apostoles

They respect pure testimony.

Some were still alive, beheaded, crucified with living skin, head and feet, and so on. For Christ's sake.

They carried the shovel of Jesus Christ as far as they could in the hands of the Romans, who killed them because they were Christians. He said he was the first Catholic pope. I don't know if I will laugh or cry in embarrassment ...

Como Murieron Los Apostoles

Como Murieron Los Apostoles

Prime: n is selected from the group. The disciples who followed Jesus were there. Jesus will be a teacher, as some have argued since the time a teacher was common. The difference between Jesus being a teacher and other teachers is that the disciples chose their teacher. That did not happen to Jesus. He chose his disciples (which means) and from this group before Namsu (one evangelist says 72,000), Jesus went to the mountains to pray and chose 12 of them. Each one is very different from the other. They do not have much in common.

Jesus lived with them, teaching them the Scriptures. They performed the miracle he performed, and Peter acknowledged him as the Son of God. Then time passed and the time came when Jesus was saved and put to death. At that time the apostles were afraid and hid. Only Juan, the youngest of them, stayed at the foot of the cross next to Maria Khatti.

Jesus did not leave them on the Day of Resurrection and did not judge them but revealed Himself to them and sent them into all the world to proclaim that which came from Him, the love of God the Father. Pass is for mankind and all sins. The apostles of old received the Holy Spirit, the power to preach the gospel to Christians, which is Christ and his salvation.

In their day, you could tell they weren't doing well. Many of them died like murderers and many Ilaos were martyred.

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Como Murieron Los Apostoles