Como Medir Metros Quadrados

Como Medir Metros Quadrados

What is the area of ​​my bedroom in square meters?

Multiply one side of the hair with the other. For example, if your room is 4 meters on one side and 5 meters on the other, you guys.

4 x 5 = 20 m²

Place 3.5 meters on the side and 4.5 meters outside, area 3.5 x 4.5 = 15m75 m².

Expensive .... 10 meters times 15 meters room .....?

Do you sleep in a shed in the garage?

Hit one side (in meters) and multiply the other hair (in meters) .... ■■■■ ... to fix your shed or stop the triangle for a square, formula tri. ...

There is no example of this where you have reduced the waist from 10 meters to 15 meters by 10 meters to 15 meters and from 10 meters to 15 meters. I:

Area = 10 meters x 15 meters

Area = 150m²

If the room is 10 meters to 15 meters, just multiply © multiples.

10 * 15 = 150m²

You have cashews or compression (C) and long (L).

Do this after after or calculate:

A = L x L.

Wave (A) = area and area in square meters (m²).

Compression x elongated, the fossa around the square, the axillary lateral.

No examples given, 10x15 area, four separate rooms, two identical.

many years! : D.

Como Medir Metros Quadrados

Como Medir Metros Quadrados

 Yes by bending or reducing the sides of the hair, making a perfect square, maintaining the measure and lifting the square ...

Glue the toothpicks together and look at the length of the toothpicks and press, insert a line of 10 cm and multiply the value of the size of the toothpick in centimeters and see the number of each toothpick in each compression, then just multiply, what This is intentional or add n £ stick or skeleton does not show compression or left stick.

Special help.

It also works with a match stick.

Compression and Length The media in DPS and DPS that you stand around your room meter face a straight line and take down another challenge that helped you.

Como Medir Metros Quadrados