Como Limpar Moedas Antigas

Como Limpar Moedas Antigas

How to clean old clothes? 3

Congratulations Paisala. There are some areas that can be cleaned with vinegar or hydrochloric acid. Hopefully more than that we can clean something up with this coin, I don't remember what's wrong. آدتیہ۔ Can I clean up after myself for one night? And in Coca-Cola or lemons? Do you have any problem Thanks

Like an anti-gas oxidizer, because I know I urinate a lot and come in contact with my moisture. S࣠or a mixture of copper and جیسے as used, forms copper oxide coils. Copper metal has an oxidized pattern, or black-made copper monoxide, which gives it a rough shape. They seemed to dislike him, rude and loving.

Make two separate, bright and reddish ones, then soften them with adric acid. Or ³xid reacts with hydrochloric acid and dye on copper salts to give the coin a new shape.

Another way is to put the new ones in the flakes and cover with vinegar. You can wait a few minutes and wash it off with water.

I should never wash with hot and aggressive liquids, but with bronze and silver recovery and flannel.

Or use a molten glossy paste and mix with flakes to shine. Get two flannels at home, one to polish the coin and the other to clean the thread.

To remove or green them, clean them with coin or mailer, sweet almond oil or ammonia and alcohol. It has its own polishing cars that are very strong and leave the coin colorless. In numismatics and where.

Some still use it to clean their toothpaste and store it in caves. Then dry with a cloth, clean and apply and remove with a hair dryer. This is not an old coin that has been carved to dry with a soft bristle brush. Cover your wrists with olive oil and oil or use lemon juice or juice, an anti-rust. Toothpaste is also widely used. You should not use metal polish, which gives an artificial and fashionable shine.

To plow, they should be kept separate from others for several days on plain paper or in standard envelopes of different sizes. They already exist. Associations must be maintained because of their performance. Just keep these envelopes after cleaning.

Note: esp has helped with a little kissing

Thank you will use your council! I need a serious proof reader to help me with my coin, I got a tip !!

Como Limpar Moedas Antigas