Como Jogar 21 No Baralho

Como Jogar 21 No Baralho

How do you play (card game) 21? 3

I saw myself somewhere or I didn't find myself and wanted to know how to play.

Byrne You announced that the melon collected 10 points ...

A simple

You will receive two letters that you will add if you have for example you have to stop Kings on only one option and because dangerous you will store and you will have more losses you buy from one in the battery mail Will or will store.

Or set the value to Q = e 10

Or set the value to K = e 10

Or make the value J = e10

And how normal the other letters are.

Well, very special that I help you.

Jack and / or 21 yes or 2 cards for me, to add who wins 21 you, you lose if all players who win more than n ،, or, or players who win closer to 21 Go There is also a rule in which 5 has to be killed. Cards, I have 2 in my hand, no more than 21 and no more, you win too, but they don't like me playing much.

Always playing in a weird way, eating a card player's skeleton, or playing a game is like winning a card, showing everyone more cards and determining the winner.

Watch 21 plays like this ...

You do not have to paste the letters in the form of 21 points or numbers close to 21 barrel tie ...

But you can't do it with 21 points ... If you get 21 points you lose the game ...

Como Jogar 21 No Baralho

Como Jogar 21 No Baralho

Very easy. There are many variations in this game, Jack's Chow on the Chains. Simple, easy, every two players hit three cards, but they can hit, but only two numbers whose sum cannot exceed 21.

¸  -

Secretariat's External Regulation on Economy and Finance No. 56/2004

There are no official updates or regulations regarding Jack or the Games of Chance of Jack or Winte E1, approved by the Expo exploraå دو or the two Games of Chance or the Games of Chance Ordinance Number. 57/83 / M, March 5, 1983, with hair changes Dec nº 260/85, December 21, 1985 and nº 16 / SAEFT / 86, July 19, 1986, Ordinance nº 57/91 / M, March 25 1991 , Executive Order No. 69/2000 and Executive Chef Hair No. 141/2000

Consider suggestions from management or inspectorate or game coordination.

Using the powers conferred by Article 64 of the Constitution on Macau's special administrative area, we obtained paragraph 5 of Article 3 of Law No. 3. 16/2001, or the Secretary for Economics and Finance sends:

1. Approved or regulated game rules - "Jack" or "Twenty-one", which are linked to existing external rules and are an integral part of them.

2. Repealed Ordinance No. 57/83 / M, which came into force on March 5, 1983, as Capellari Amendment No. 260/85, which came into force on December 21, 1985 and inserted No. 16 / SAEFT / 86, July 19, 1986, Ordinance n.57 / 91 / M, dated March 25, 1991, of the Chief Executive Officer. 141/2000, and by Executive Order No. 69/2000, substituted by paragraphs 11) 15) 16) 27) 39) and 41) of Article 55. External Supervisory Authority of Law No. 16/2001

3. This external code does not come into force year after year.

May 12, 2004

Secretary of Economics and Finance, Tam Pak Yvonne.

€ "€" € "

The official "Jack" or "Twenty-one" principle

Article 1


Or the game contains content from "Jack" or "Twenty-one":

1) Game table with board of 6 or more seats

2) One or more amount with 52 cards

3) Metal boxes as mail only if more than one letter or mail carrier is used.

4) To Baralhadord card dealer.

Article 2


1. As a card that works for one or more games and is only exchanged and dealt with, not the start of the game, in the following two ways:

1) When Shuffles snatches the bank, the cards are distributed to each player or banker as an NCA card, the player wants to withdraw or insert a string NCA card between the last 30 or more cards, Makes no sense, and then whether placed in a metal box or not ÃÂ "ifÃÂ"

2) When trading for a used or used car dealership, the card held does not appear and is issued immediately.

2. At the end of the game we use only the following method, depending on the type of material used:

1) If the appearance of  © or à"ifÃÂ", or the silk letter nca inhale in the last game, presents a game of hair that is decided at the time of drawing and deciding, or at the end the cards are thrown. Is. Shuffle or subsome if not worn under reuse conditions

2) Regardless of the appearance of the silk characters, a bank is dealt with directly by shuffle as the final hand of any card played.

3) If you use Metic Box only as baral, you face Play which will end the game as it is a new shuffle card.

4) If he or the shuffler-automatic dealer uses a reset card, a nest appears, not at the end of each game.

Article 3

Chair on the play table

1. Six or more seats in each bank according to the number listed, not at the table.

2. Book at home or in person to limit the number of seats for each player.

3. Players can bet on more than one ear.

4. If you place an hour bet on the player, the bank can issue a card.

Article 4

Retirement card

1. Before dealing two cards to one bank or multiple cards, you can alternatively use the following two methods:

1) Cut out the box and make "seÂÂ" or the first card or automatic dealer shuffler on the card, according to the amount of slashes used and no receiver placed near the table

2) Cut from the box, make a "seÂÂ" or make a self-dispensing shuffler on the first card and do not place the receiver near the table.

۔ In front of the bench to get an open card from each subsequent game.

Article 5

Share or deal cards

1. Since the cards are dealt only at bets and bank places, one by one, which eats from the left:

1) If a card appears in front, it is invalid and therefore it is not possible to choose whether it is correct while proceeding to the first start of the game. it is

2) If there is a problem with the distribution, correct or correct the recognized logo by matching it with the player's letter or letters. If it is impossible to correct the error, yes, all tickets distributed for this play have been canceled.

2. When dealing cards to players, two methods should be considered, which can be considered as alternatives:

1) The first procedure:

(1) When or using the auto dealer line, each set is turned two cards down and one bank card up. Silk bank cards, from top to bottom, are distributed only to players who have applied for additional cards or who have decided not to use them.

(2) Two separate letters are received on each set when using the "Metal Box", the bank also accepts two cards before asking for additional cards from the player, first face-to-face and Seidencom turns face down. ۔

2) Shadow process:

(1) When using the "if" or or auto-dial bar, each bank receives two image cards that are rotated upwards and the bank receives one card, from top to bottom.

(2) Silk debit cards, as well as top-ups, are issued only when a player requests an additional card or decides not to.

Article 6

Extra letter

When distributing additional cards, one or more of the following two procedures must be observed:

1) Banks are required to accept cards if they have a total of two points for 16 or less, but cannot accept cards if they have 17 or more points. Additional cards must be permanently removed, they are considered invalid and ،, but may be corrected if not shown.

2) Players may or may not take extra cards, silks or at their own discretion, except when they revolt if they are afraid to show their cards immediately.

3) The player who does not keep the bet amount in the bank first will be asked for an additional card from the bank or to make a final decision about his game through direct bank vote announcement before accepting it. Will be released for Either Sedo Player, or the same procedure for the players below, make your final decision in آخر or at the end.

4) Players can take extra cards without less than 21 2 points, except:

(1) "Jack" or 21 points in total.

(2) Choose the condition, if the card is requested.

(3) Separate Aces, when you can only draw cards for each one.

5) After the initial split, the bank loudly announces that two players are eating left or point total and decides to bet each player, split pairs, call for additional cards, or issue additional cards. Waiting to do

Article 7


1. No follow-up makes the final decision that two players re-bet on their own, the bank deals with the requested cards, announces each player's score aloud, distributes silk letters to themselves and Announces their total score.

2. The violating player loses the bet, even if it is.

Article 8

Card price

Either it's worth 1 or 11 points, the player's choice, because the numbers are 10 points and many other Tam cards, or they're worth a few liters.

Article 9

Win or lose

Usually people who only have points that the bank loses or who have less points than the bank's earnings or deposits.

Article 10


1. The comma of about ¡s is counted as a number, or about December, the first two letters of minus nas, © is counted as  "jackÂÂ".

2. The player who receives uh "JackÃ'Â" wins once and bets half or value, whether the bank has' JackÃ'Â or not.

3. Allow the player to apply for a "Jacka" or pay the equivalent amount or return the bet when the card appears from the bank in a few seconds, numbers or in December.

4. Or a total of 21 points with no more than two cards; or © © © is considered a "jack" and © pays the same amount or shares, whether the bank has any £ or "jack" or 21 Points.

5. The player has a "jack" in the bank of 21 points with more than two cards, a win or a player and receives the appropriate prize once and for half.

6. If you win the bank for "Jack" and the player gets 21 points with more than two cards, you win the bank. Or a total of 21 points on the bet without any £ or © as "jack".

7. If the dealer has a "jack" and the player has placed his bet, the bank may offer the player an alternative to the initial bet with a limited loss.

Article 11


Build your relationship:

1) The player and the bank have, in one move, a "jack"

2) Or the same player and bank or score.

Article 12

Bet on you

1. If the pay-up bank card gives کارڈ © a ¡s or the player can place an additional bet, it means "bet ifÂ", which can decide whether to take the oil or bank price from the targets. Can vary up to © the. The full amount of the original condition.

2. So, now submit the additional cards requested or issued by all your players, make sure that the bank has a "jack" to receive double the price of each and the bank collects, so two Bet on players who haven't won. Jack '.

3. If the bank does not have a "jack", it takes all the terms on its own.

Article 13

Additional condition

In addition to the initial conditions and the stakes themselves, or the player can still cancel the following stakes for a few more days:

1) One or more from any player in "Any Pair 7". Consider "any pair":

(1) Since two starting cards form a player pair instead of one or two cards of the same rank, your cover or play cards are dealt with independently of each other (z „QÂÂ" Queen no £ o form a per, plus پہلے "already," and "already," make one per)

(2) Either the forum paired with two separate players or deposit cards or the first pair or the third and consecutive pair.

2) In the "drop" before dealing with the first ear card. Consider the "set":

(1) or nm  "7Â" with two initials, one after the other

(2) Two cards like n'Âm â'Â "7Â'Â" are dealt one after the other and if a third card is dealt then it is equal to Â'Â "7Ã'Â".

3) "More than 13 and under" before my first card deal. Note "up and down 13", the total score of the first two letters is more or less than 13.

Article 14

Extra gambling rewards

1. Since you bet on 'any pair', the winner only pays a proportional £ or 11 to 1.

2. As the winner of "7" Rebels, you only pay for membership, or more, the following benefits:

1) There should be "7" different cards in the ratio of 50 to 1

2) "7" must play 150 to 1 of the same card.

3) Very different "7" cards in the ratio of 500 to 1

4) Too many "7" of the same card in the ratio of 5000 to 1.

3. Since you bet on the winner of "Over and Under 13", you only pay 1 to 1.

Article 15

Special award

A player who has' 678Ã'Â 'same card or more' Â "7Â" immediately receives a special price according to the three times the bet of his bet, even from a letter of banking open letter. s

Article 16

Separately or in pairs

1. Players set the first two letters. One pod in an hour separates them into four or more different conditions.

2. Either the value of each individual bet is equal to یا or the value of the original bet.

3. Your aces can be dealt with once or several times a year, with separate aces allocated for one card for each of the two aces.

4. To defeat another pair or player, you can draw any number of cards except replay.

5. A player who has been dealt a card of the same rank or a separate pair that is not close to s can re-deal, unless he has already decided to separate or not.

Article 17

You bet on gold.

How to bet that you can become a Dodas using the following alternative methods:

1) The player can bet on the first two cards dealt or on the first two cards of a separate pair, as he deals one card for two cards that face and direction or board. Kept

2) The player can only bet on his own bet if the first two cards have a total of 11 points, if he has dealt cards.

Article 18

Get away from

1. The player may leave the game and lose the bet because a face card gives Bank-N ££ or Be-A.

2. The decision to stop must be made by the dealer before dealing with the additional card and cannot be changed once.

Article 19

Five cards

1. A player with five cards above 21 points can call or pay a share target if the first incoming card is Bank Nà   £ or Sejaumás.

2. If the player chooses this alternative or first face bank card, the second or normal will be played.

Article 20

Multiple terms are not in the same place.

1. In case of double bet, two alternative methods should not be made in one place:

1) If you or several players do not have to sit in the same chair, or a sitting player chooses to play.

2) We cannot bet on one place, not on the player's maximum and either the director's room or the playing area can read this number. In this case, whatever you choose, you have a card to be a sitting player, not a place to bet or a year to bet, but the nearest bankroll.

3) If you or multiple players do not have to bet on the same place, the highest betting person makes all the decisions to play, but the cards or the player occupying the place safely. Can play If you bet on the same place it is equal or you can decide after the game, it is the player who occupies or holds the place.

2. In one of the above two ways, a player occupying different seats on the same bank affects another player without asking for an additional card or without.

Como Jogar 21 No Baralho