Como Instalar Bluetooth No Pc

Como Instalar Bluetooth No Pc

How to install Bluetooth without PC? 3

Hello people ... I have tried many strings and I have not found any easy program to install Bluetooth, nor my PC. Can someone help me


PS: No installation CD!

Do you need Bluetooth? Not so much about program numbers

Go to a computer store and shop around, as well as with a pen drive

Do not connect USB anyway and use it without installing.

Well if you are talking about win xp try it on your cell supplier's website.

Or other devices such as Bluetooth or wheel software

But I can see using seven or win, so connect to PC or not.

q It recognizes and minimizes the desired reader ...


Do you want a driver for Bluetooth or USB Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth adapter

Bluetooth driver installer

Suitable Bluetooth adapter.

Have a great time!

Items you want to purchase or display. There is no other way

I wish it was of no use, try .. lol

Yes, buy a device ... (small) USB captures the field, but you can send and receive messages via Bluetooth. lol

I have ten: P

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Como Instalar Bluetooth No Pc