Como Hacer Waffles Sin Wafflera

Como Hacer Waffles Sin Wafflera

How do you make hair waffles without waffle iron? ۔

NS !!!!!!

Please help me !!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to make waffles in my hair without waffle iron? esque I saw a drink that I like so I needed waffle iron and I looked everywhere and where I live they don't seem to sell or I don't know! You make me fast! Please help me !!!!

Thank you very much!

mmm you can't see it on the internet I think you've got ...

Look, if you live in Mexico City, there is a cosmetics store in the city that sells really good bones if they are in bad condition, they sell them in Mexico and it's 70 che cheaper or I have one There is more iron. 500 There I bought it for 150 and in perfect condition, there you can also buy waffle iron with 100 pay.

If you do not live in the city, there must be a store in the middle of your city, because I go to Cuernavaca and if there is ..

Find out if there are SIMs where you live and they sell Conner packages.

Como Hacer Waffles Sin Wafflera