Como Funciona O Construcard

Como Funciona O Construcard

How nciona or construcard? 3

Hey, I think of the renovations you need from 18,000 to 20,000 a year. And what other honey is this? Free!

Constru card loan one section

Offered by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Help build a house with a.

Acquisition or two building materials,

Renovate and expand your home. I have

Use this benefit for 06 months.

Make the necessary purchases in the meantime

This step, pay something back or before.

Swear at the price.

Serio after a journey of 06 months

Duration up to 54 months

Pay off anything like a loan to get a loan.

Construcard, it could be. Paid

Checking account. Also, bone

Construcard Caixa users benefit.

With up to 20% discount on purchases,

Win branches and compete like this.


Or financing takes place in two stages, one

Use of Na and further reduction phase

§à £ Or use them all.

Purchases required for purchase

Building materials Silk phase now,

With an apology, envelope or payment

Pending or outstanding balance, infinite

This is a fixed payment or so. a month

Funding has been removed.

How to make a deal or evaluate it.

Construction card by cash

1- "Send everyone as a disease.

Also personal needs and lighting

Cashier Agency This part, serious stereo cube

Used as the basis for success.

cadastral search

2 "You will be in agreement. It will happen

Possible for illness or delivery.

Summer race

3 - Because you breathe.

Agreement will be initiated or made with it.

You can buy your stuff from it.

Made in 06 months by

Personal for card £ o deé a.

Requirements: Being a natural person and owning it

Contact the Federal Council of Caixa Econômica,

Older and under 18 accepted.

Catastral and risk available.

Building simulation

You can simulate

I have Construcard cash in the middle. Borrowed

Como Funciona O Construcard