Como Ficar Com Febre

Como Ficar Com Febre

How to get rid of fever really fast? ۔

I have to write with a little time in February, dear people are worth it .... what are the details !! A matter of life or ■■■■■

Goodbye, you can spend some time in the sun wearing a warm coat over your head and bare underarms (we usually look good after a few days), ban showers and wet clothes for some days. Stay (not recommended that more ... Dub may get the flu, and not always have a fever). These are techniques that are wrong, you can tamper with or touch the thermometer. (Well, it wouldn't be much better to have a thermometer that repeatedly records the sound temperature ... from a technical tent that's upstairs but a thermometer).

Good art girl: * And decision.

I already have a fever because we don't go to school or sleep and when you sleep put gel stone on every face next to you you have to put ice in your armpit and if it melts or you The body has a reaction £ £ or you are going to catch a cold a day later to make sure you have a fever.

I already and I hit you in the ice boat.

Great! You are in the wrong category here. Where is the subject of andça? Hmmm!

The pump may freeze in the armpits. the location

Como Ficar Com Febre