Como Fazer Xuxu

Como Fazer Xuxu

How do you get pre-picking or touching?

Thoroughly wash, peel and cut into quadriceps, ■■■■■■, ■■■■■■. When you cook peas, pumpkins, tea or cabbage, add a pinch of sugar. You will like it more.

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How to use Uncle: Fruit is not only eaten raw. They should be cooked and served as stir-fry, cream, soup, souffl ،s, bolus or cold and delicious. For sauce or tasty consumption, the fruit prefers Novus with small and shiny skin. When the fruit is at rest, they eat under the opening, yes they are good for feed fat, peas yes, but steady, but they only have fi. Straw can be removed before or after cooking or boiling. When the fruit is fresh, it can be used with peels and crumbs.

Dessas: * They can also be used in the form of leaves, twigs and roots of plants. He is cooked and rich

Vitamins B, C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. * Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Uncle Bridged.

Ingredients: * 3 medium chunks with skin, washed and chopped like butadiene, * 1 clove per year, * salt, pepper to taste, * 1/2 onion per month, chopped into pieces, * 1/2 cup fragrant chopped Vegetables, * 6 tablespoons wheat flour, * 3 tablespoons (soup) oil.

Recipe: Heat or oil and brown onion and al.

Add or touch, or pepper and fry well, cover the pan and cook until tender or tender (al dente)

If the uncle has a soft, spicy or green scent, wash it well and don't let it burn for more than 1 minute.

Production capacity: 6 parts Preparation and cooking time: 20 minutes Recommendations: Serve with raw rice, beans, ground, ground and salted meat with tomatoes and carob.

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Como Fazer Xuxu

Como Fazer Xuxu

It depends on what you want to do. For snacks, I wash and use it thoroughly and cook it until it dents. Afterwards just remove to peel, cut and mesh as needed.

To fry, peel, chop and cook at your preferred temperature.

What's in it:

Leave it or cut the chew in half and I rub it, throw it away.

You have to throw yourself straw

Leave it at that (or do whatever you want)

In a pan, a little oil, chopped, kept with a pot of water or chaotic (very little)

Go to Temperature to like the place.

Leave a little half, put it in a dish with hot water, let it boil for 5 minutes, then take it out and cut it into pieces according to taste, celery onion broth and hot rib conor, wonderful or Mr. Voss Vicki Zuko.

I walk:

Cut into small cubes, (salted size), small bait, less than xuxu or I keep large pieces to remove, then mr for the day. Cook in a cascading pan, without steam or in panels with water. Or Xuxu collects too much water. Frightened to see, put in a little more accurate.

When it comes to cooking and still half Doreen, the score comes as Ogref, but it's still stable. Add chives or chopped parsley, sugar, vinegar and salt. Seal and release.

Like every other vegetable, you will cook it differently.

Slices of Cuns Sem Peel and Sauteed Fica are crispy and delicious. Note: Use your favorite weather and do not add water.

Como Fazer Xuxu