Como Fazer Um Propósito Com Deus

Como Fazer Um Propósito Com Deus

How do you vote with God? ۔

I pray daily and ask God for a good purpose that I know how much is being done. So yes, the days stop and I don't get the grace I do so much. And my faith (lost in God), that's why I feel colder than my feet every day.

Or I do it for the sake of my faith so that it will not be lost.

I get more and more grace, but my grace is less every day.

How are you? You make me feel away from Jesus !!!

Do not quote another verse here. I will leave a reflection in more. God does not want you to prove that He wants you to trust Him. How to trust the people you love. Look at his face, his face, not yours or more and I know something he doesn't do that you like or something that doesn't make you sad, tell him you'll like him anyway.

Never, I did.

It's up to your Christian religion to ask:

You pray and trust what you do and say that if someone opens a church he will pay for each one or be surprised, it is made by God.

Never eat

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.


Don't worry about it, but in each of us we pray to God, that is, He says, always pray from the heart, be thankful. And peace from God that no one can hear, I will block your heart and mind with voices, but you are united with Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4: 6)

The wall, the lament

For the Jews to go to Jerusalem, meet a friend.

Or bring a friend or Willing Wall.

Come here, you all say.

For this reason?

Pray for God for everyone, especially for you Jews.


Are you waiting

Have you ever talked to the wall ?!

Como Fazer Um Propósito Com Deus