Como Fazer Bolinha De Sabão

Como Fazer Bolinha De Sabão

What about making a soap ball?

You tap your ■■■■■■ and enter the space

I made it with detergent over water and it turned out good, like a soap machine ■■■ !! We can also add a few drops of alcohol, I don't know what it is for the seller or the one who taught me ... SÃÂnàor I know if it's the same thing as the solution or not it can't jump. , But I also have one or count it !!!

Easy .............

All you need to do is add water

Do not enter the recipient

Add some cleaning fluid

A little too easy .....

Dai lives in your box bulls !! O !!

L's instant access to soap bubbles

1 cup cave

1 copy of soap

1/2 corn syrup flakes (honey)

Como Fazer Bolinha De Sabão