Como Excluir Conta Do Twitter

Como Excluir Conta Do Twitter

How do I suspend my Twitter account? ۔

I would like and delete my account from there because, contrary to what many people say, I found the site, wasted a lot of time, embarrassed, and to make matters worse, to visit in extremely flat English. So ... how do I do or delete from there? ??

1Po: OK, for starters, click on Settings.

2Po: will go to paa, click delete my account.

3Po: Another page will open, click OK OK Delete My Account.

of the! Account deleted

First you go to the Twitter site and do it (enter username and password), the vote is taken for your main site. Once logged in, click on the bar at the top of the page (Figure 1).

Delete Twitter Account 1

Entering Twitter options (settings) to disable contacts.

Next, go to the Edit option in your account, click on the tab "Account" (without opening it) and correct this option to "Delete my account" (Figure 2). Â Just click on it.

Delete Twitter Account 2

Appears in "Account", you have the option or "Delete my account"

Clicking on it will open a new page, making sure you want to deactivate your Twitter account and provide important information before deleting the account (Figure 3).

Delete Twitter Account 3.

Important information about blocking your Twitter account.

Como Excluir Conta Do Twitter