Como Enviar Fotos Por Email

Como Enviar Fotos Por Email

How can I send pictures that are on CD or email someone else?

Very easy: when sending or receiving email, click Attach File or Insert File ... Send and Select or Browse Wave Find or cd If the file appears, whether it is CD or not. If your email server confirms or opens it, adjust it.

Attention: If there are a lot of pictures in the CD, it is good to send and burn a very tiring or it would be like re-reading or re-CD. SP who can be helpful. Merry Christmas!

Quite efficient, walk through the stage.

1) For someone who invites you to GOOGLE, you will be attracted to them.

2) Don't download Gmail and configure GOOGLE Photolift.

3) Do not insert any CD with the photo and copy it as photo to PC

4) Photolifter is properly installed and configured, it will automatically pick up every folder of all the photos that can be found on your computer.

5) Select how you want to ship, just click or © automatic delivery system.

Google Photo Editor sends lots of photos in no time.

Everyone is in doubt, I am in touch with my hair. Happy New Year!

Easy photo Just attach photo files to your messages. You need to look at the file or file size you are looking for. Even the mail server does not allow sending COM files, but one megabyte. In this case, it must be summarized or archived before submission. Or, in the case of images, you have decided to reduce the file size. You can use it to download or Irfan View (download is not free, to download).

1. Copy or Commodore (this could be the desktop you want to send the image to

2. Select all photos, click the button to count the number of photos and click Send / Compressed Insert. At the same time you will create a package, a compact file containing all the collected images. This package zip appears in the form of an open folder, in a wave of folders like the image.

the. Write, direct or send an email to an email program or email page and try to attach the file to the command. All emails have this option. Click Attach to File and select the paste zip you created. Wait for the file or files to be attached.

4. Just submit, submit.

First make a CD with the image you want to send to your PC, then write or send an email and comment and get the whole depot or click attach file, and escort or wavy VC directory photos Send there ok send me .

Como Enviar Fotos Por Email

Como Enviar Fotos Por Email

To insert a CD, insert the CD (click) and click the double mouse button directly past where the photos are, (or select the photo by pressing or rolling the mouse as a button or skeleton present) Click Copy and Insert (Location) Select where you want to copy, or click Send to My Document and to select, select which email you want to send and include photos. Want to do, select, insert and add.

Do not save as photo comor and then attach to epo or desired email, to send you file

Very easy, send or receive files to you or the CD holder, and click Copy directly to or through the email.

Copy the image to the processor, then zip it into the view folder and send it as the WinZip program and then 2.


Como Enviar Fotos Por Email