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Como Engorda

How did you become obese at the age of 13 and ten? 3

A person 13 years old weighs 37 kg and ten tall 1.54 I am very thin I want to be very fat, see what I like:

I have breakfast in the morning when I go to school.

Not like in school.

I come home from school for lunch (rice, beans, peas, sugar, etc.)

This is when I drink coffee when I (bread with milk with coffee)

At 20.00 I have dinner.

People disappoint me. What should I change in my diet or fat for me? Or what should I eat?

Or what should I do? I am helping please


Or what sound does it mean to "get the body not"? That is why it is called Mast. It will be full of lard and cellulite

You should eat before the start, or just have breakfast, start at school, have lunch, start and after dinner.

Not enough because in the morning and any breakfast you can eat bread and juice and benefit my muscles.

At school you can have juice sandwiches and natural sandwiches.

Don't eat lunch or eat it yourself instead of dinner.

Avoid cold peas as they can cause cellulite and even a full face. A good tip; cooler with water or cooler.

Ah and don't practice your case or better exercise; swimming, because when agents encounter swimming, muscle is determined, you gain muscle and you are sure to starve at home (*

There's no point in eating everything you see on your forehead, like I do (and I'm thin too), you'll have to wait for Gain Corpora ... if you can, go to a nutritionist Go.


Great !!

I have ten pounds and ten pounds!

I'm afraid to take care of my anemia!

Goldfish eat vitamins before carbohydrates ...

Weigh the doctor as he prescribes them!

Do something in the morning or if possible, peas or breakfast for the main meal!

Pay attention =]

Eat chocolate and fatty foods, sit back and spend some energy!

Basically you have helped!

Como Engorda

Como Engorda

You need to know how to get fat سخت © + hard that slimming was born ?!

Just click the link you want to bold!

Eating in front of a is near here in the days of thinning.

Pre Mastvokém To eat a lot of things, type:

Lasagna, pizza, sandwiches, dogs, etc.

Como Engorda