Como Descolorir O Cabelo Preto

Como Descolorir O Cabelo Preto

What is the best way to whiten plain dark hair?

First: Do not want to darken hair causes pea regrowth or double curls.

Silk: The right way to do this with ink, but explain what you want, I'll do what I want.

Third, you can use corn, not leaf, for a beautiful effect.

Fourth: Everything You Won't Answer © © I'll read or, ideally, bought for her or as RODRIGO CINTRA, who doesn't have expert hair, or I believe it through my aunt Is Chilileira OK from my experience? esp has helped you! kiss

Como Descolorir O Cabelo Preto

Como Descolorir O Cabelo Preto

See if her hair is for the blackboard, or a direct message to pickle. Because bleach leads to rap or hair! Personal experience, ten black hairs with lines, discoloration, my ruined hair and chemical cuts. Mailer don't risk it! Kiss

Hello Bruna Larissa *

It all depends; now, her dark hair has given her a little color but hard !!! In this case, get Mailer quality bleach (no drugstore bleach box, I recommend Vela) and use 40 volume oxidizer !!! Separate the area you want to light, for example, or bleach, and wrap in aluminum foil. But be careful, lose track every 07 or 10 minutes and see that your hair is drunk !!! You may not get it or think you want a face logo, but I will not give up, I will color the lines, moisturize my hair and try again in 15 or 20 days !! ! If it's too rough, try a professional look for you, peas or black hair that are very dark but hard to color !!! SP helped !!! Attention Ronnie Cosmetics Team !!!

Bleach the hair with hydrogen peroxide, wet it before dyeing, wait for the color to dry and hydrate the NV, try to avoid hair because or bleach will remove a lot of hair ... but do you Think?

Use DecapColoSystem's UTO and a great UTO and number that damage the strands (but not the bleach and color remover ... Later and Supenting esp to BJSS

■■■■■, bleaching in any armature.

For a package with a powder that you mix with hydrogen peroxide. Just leave some time, go!

Como Descolorir O Cabelo Preto