Como Aprender A Nadar

Como Aprender A Nadar

How to learn AR? 3

Good night.

There was a problem, even a little embarrassing, but just going through it.

How do you know that wind is learning?

Friends, a lot of friends that I will never learn to swim and wind up and am very good, I sometimes do what they do in the basement water and, I don't even swim, I walk, they already Have said That everything started with cacrean style, but they never told me how to do it, went to the pool and I ate lighter than eating cacrean B, but I told you to go for tea, I go, I would like to know if there is any technicality to this, how should I do it, how should I start air anyway, it has complimented me even my neighbor's daughter with 6 years already ¡Get ar na Boa.

At this point, I would like to thank everyone for your attention.

Good night =)

Look, I ate air like a cactus. It didn't work much. I was going to NDO too, but I started reading on the net that to stay calm and relaxed, you have to learn to swim and swim when you go to sleep later. ۔ Already know that the float is more or less attractive always hits the feet and very thin after §s. But it's backwards.

From the front (below the abdomen) © Slightly stronger TBS let us know how to swim well or less, from the front you can eat like a cacron, type like me uh move a little away from the trunk and Move like you, I'm tearing up. Become the most important part of the hunt to move something like a cat and in the face of the beloved sadness. Over time condos are more or less known as wind cicadas plus hair less seductive condos can be more or less so later on it can be attractive to change your belly so you will be well. Inhale (insert plumes) then pass slowly (throw or two pens) condo you have to walk like the wind after the battery of the beach foot, condo already knows how to do it and you To move the scissors further from the palm of the hand or the opener, you had to stick something after the condo hand to get out of the water if you would roll. Repeat on your hand and putt, then you do condo for breathing. Example of hand, you will draw a strip of water for breathing. After this, you have always got air in other condo

You will appreciate it more, but to get a little or not or note the same swimming or there they ask you to breathe or swim down the abdomen and Prairie check it too.

I say everything is your own experience =) but I still have to learn to swim.

I hope I helped there and good night, kisses = d

I hope this wire will set you up too, but a little:

I learn wind on the beach and it's very easy because you let it go in straight waves or sand and leave it with lashes like legs and then with its legs, then I went to swimming lessons and hey 6 years I am telling you from Whether Mailer enrolls you in swimming school or because your friends know the wind without class, I think I am very wrong and he is going to enter Escolinha, I will go now and try I will take it a long way, we will vote and still pull the wave, because the pea goes fast, I say from experience. = D.

I am afraid to eat in the shallow bowl, I am tempted with two bows and the following sentence to flutter the butterfly's leg, next year I will try you ...

Como Aprender A Nadar