Como Aplicar Injeção Em Cachorro

Como Aplicar Injeção Em Cachorro

How do users say they take Intramuscular Injection? 3

Oh how cute!

My question is how to use intramuscular injection in my dog, peas, I did research and I didn't get a good explanation of what would have happened before Veteran Rio and Blah Blah, I already took Was A veterinary clinic injects 4 pills (injectable) daily for 5 to 10 days for pneumonia and other problems and separates the substance.

I have two agents, 3 intramuscular and subcutaneous.

I know I will go to the clinic for injections but whenever I have to pay I will tell you that I will not have to take them for 10 days and I will be very stressed or expensive and maybe I will be traumatized. Will be

Someone I know gave me a guide, I'm very grateful.

My dog ​​is around the puncture.

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Como Aplicar Injeção Em Cachorro