Definition of Commutation:

  1. Substitution of a lighter sentence for one imposed by a court, on the orders of an authority such as the governor of a state or president of the country.

Synonyms of Commutation

Agency, Alternation, Amends, Atonement, Balancing, Battledore and shuttlecock, Change, Compensation, Cooperation, Counteraction, Counterbalancing, Counterchange, Course, Cross fire, Crossing, Delegation, Deputation, Deputyship, Displacement, Exchange, Expiation, Give-and-take, Globe-trotting, Going, Indemnification, Indemnity, Interchange, Intermutation, Interplay, Journeying, Lex talionis, Locomotion, Measure for measure, Motion, Movement, Moving, Mutual admiration, Mutual support, Mutual transfer, Mutuality, Offsetting, Passage, Permutation, Power of attorney, Progress, Quid pro quo, Reciprocality, Reciprocation, Reciprocity, Recompense, Rectification, Redress, Reparation, Repayment, Replacement, Representation, Restitution, Retaliation, Revenge, Satisfaction, Something for something, Subrogation, Substitution, Supersedence, Superseding, Supersedure, Supersession, Supplantation, Supplanting, Supplantment, Switch, Tit for tat, Tourism, Touristry, Traject, Trajet, Transit, Transposal, Transposition, Travel, Traveling, Vicariousness

Meaning of Commutation & Commutation Definition