Community Rating

Community Rating,

What Does Community Rating Mean?

  1. Community Rating can be defined as, Prices are based on the experience of the community where the insured lives based on life, age, gender, occupation or health.

  2. Community Rating definition is: A concept that forces health insurers to offer health insurance contracts for the same price in a particular area, regardless of medical cost and health status.

  3. A scoring system that establishes standard scores and generally adheres to each group's specific guidelines based on the desired usage of each group's staff.

Literal Meanings of Community Rating


Meanings of Community:
  1. A group of people who live in the same place or share some features.

  2. A sense of connection with others, the result of sharing the same attitudes, interests and goals.

  3. A group of interdependent organisms of different species that grow or coexist in a given habitat.

Sentences of Community
  1. The scientific community

  2. A sense of community that organized religion can provide

  3. A group of unsafe animals

Synonyms of Community

band, faction, body, circle, section, coterie, group, company, set, ring, clique


Meanings of Rating:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of something or something based on quality, standard or performance criteria.

  2. Angry rebuke

Sentences of Rating
  1. The hotel has regained its five stars

Synonyms of Rating

classification, position, status, placing, rank, grade, ranking, designation, class, category, categorization, standing, grading