Definition of Communist:

  1. A person who believes in the social and economic structure known as communism, which focuses on the formation of a class and stateless society. Communists try to solve the problems of the capitalist economy and believe that people should have equal access to goods and services. Communists generally have the same ideology as socialists and interdependence on the same basis. Some famous communists were Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong.

Synonyms of Communist

In common, Noncompetitive, Collectivistic, Synergic, Concordant, Synergistic, Common, Communistic, Uncompetitive, Combined, Public, Communalistic, Concerted, Concurring, Collusive, Concurrent, ■■■■■, Collectivist, Fellow, Communalist, Communitarian, Coacting, Collaborative, Communal, Commensal, General, Mutual, Societal, Conjoint, Cooperating, Cooperant, Coefficient, Harmonized, Socialistic, Popular, Ecumenic, Harmonious, Reciprocal, Coactive, Cooperative, Coadjuvant, Symbiotic, Collective, Coadjutant, Synergetic, Associated, Commutual, Conniving, Social

How to use Communist in a sentence?

  1. Many poor people find it appealing to be a communist when it is difficult for them to buy basic food items, such as groceries or clothing.
  2. Joe calls the bill a communist because it allows all workers to use the administration's bathroom, kitchen and dining area.
  3. Monday Paramedic de Communist seems to be the preacher of G. Wallace's Monday at the Quantum of God, when J. Pass Troyes Georges; Tout Lee Gitao.

Meaning of Communist & Communist Definition