Definition of Commonwealth:

  1. An international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. The British monarch is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth.

  2. Non-political, loose, and voluntary association of sovereign states, such as the British Commonwealth whose members are now-independent former British colonies, and which has no charter or constitution.

  3. An independent country or community, especially a democratic republic.

  4. The general good.

  5. Political union in which a state with local autonomy (such as Puerto Rico) voluntarily accepts the sovereignty of another state (the United States) over its own.

Synonyms of Commonwealth

Everyman, John Doe, Public, Absolute monarchy, Ally, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Aristocracy, Ashram, Autarchy, Autocracy, Autonomy, Body, Body politic, Buffer state, Captive nation, Caste, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, Citizenry, City-state, Clan, Class, Coalition government, Colonialism, Colony, Common man, Commonweal, Commune, Community, Community at large, Constituency, Constitutional government, Constitutional monarchy, Country, County, Cultural community, Democracy, Dictatorship, Domain, Dominion, Dominion rule, Duarchy, Duchy, Dukedom, Duumvirate, Dwellers, Dyarchy, Earldom, Economic class, Empery, Empire, Endogamous group, Estate, Everybody, Everyman, Everyone, Everywoman, Extended family, Family, Federal government, Federation, Feudal system, Folk, Folks, Free city, Garrison state, General public, Gens, Gentry, Gerontocracy, Grand duchy, Habitancy, Heteronomy, Hierarchy, Hierocracy, Home rule, Inhabitants, Kingdom, Kinship group, Land, Limited monarchy, Linguistic community, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Martial law, Men, Meritocracy, Militarism, Military government, Mob rule, Mobocracy, Moiety, Monarchy, Nation, Nationality, Neocolonialism, Nuclear family, Ochlocracy, Oligarchy, Order, Pantisocracy, Patriarchate, Patriarchy, People, People at large, People in general, Persons, Phratria, Phratry, Phyle, Police state, Polis, Polity, Populace, Population, Possession, Power, Principality, Principate, Protectorate, Province, Public, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Pure democracy, Realm, Regency, Representative democracy, Representative government, Republic, Satellite, Self-determination, Self-government, Seneschalty, Settlement, Social class, Social democracy, Society, Sovereign nation, Speech community, State, Stratocracy, Subcaste, Sultanate, Superpower, Technocracy, Territory, Thearchy, Theocracy, Toparchia, Toparchy, Totalitarian government, Totalitarian regime, Totem, Triarchy, Triumvirate, Tyranny, Welfare state, Whole people, World, You and me

How to use Commonwealth in a sentence?

  1. The notion of a commonwealth, of a common good, is disappearing.
  2. It was a liberal empire and a democratic commonwealth, and its aim, as with America in the Philippines, was to prepare its components for self-government.

Meaning of Commonwealth & Commonwealth Definition