Common Shares

Common Shares,

What Does Common Shares Mean?

  1. Common Shares refers to Represents the total number of outstanding joint shares, excluding Treasury shares (shares are issued but repurchased by the company through repurchases). This number is expressed in thousands, so add three zeros to it.

Literal Meanings of Common Shares


Meanings of Common:
  1. Especially in the city, the land is open to the public.

  2. (In the Christian Church) A form of ministry used for any group of opportunities.

  3. It often happens, is discovered or spread.

  4. Shared, created or running by more than one.

  5. Lack of taste and finesse.

  6. (Latin and some other languages) DO refers to the gender of a noun that is traditionally considered masculine or feminine, as opposed to inward.

  7. (Curriculum) can be short or long.

  8. (Of a crime) is of relatively minor importance.

Sentences of Common
  1. We spent the morning in the city looking for flowers.

  2. The common border of the two republics

  3. That is very common

Synonyms of Common

coarse, unladylike, daily, ill-mannered, frequent, uncouth, ungentlemanly, regular, ordinary, unrefined, rude, uncivilized, impolite, gross, everyday, communal, familiar, collective, savage, oafish, boorish, unsavoury, general, primitive, habitual, usual


Meanings of Shares:
  1. Sharing (something) with someone else.

  2. A portion or portion of a large sum of money that is shared by many people or in which several people participate

  3. One of the equivalent shares in which the company's capital is divided, thus securing a portion of its profits.

  4. Examples of posting or republishing content on social networking sites or apps.

Sentences of Shares
  1. She shared a cake with him

  2. Under the proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.

  3. Sell ​​your shares on BT

  4. By 7:30 p.m., he had shared 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

Synonyms of Shares

measure, go halves with, allowance, split, bit, lot, allocation, ration, allotment, division, quota, due, go halves in, portion, divide, part