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Common resource,

Definition of Common resource:

  1. A common resource may also go by the term open-access resource.

  2. A common resource (or the "commons") is any scarce resource, such as water or pasture, that provides users with tangible benefits but which nobody in particular owns or has exclusive claim to. A major concern with common resources is overuse, especially when there are poor social-management systems in place to protect the core resource.

  3. An ordinary resource that provides individuals with concrete benefits. A leading global issue involves the overuse of common resources and poor management to prevent disruption of loss of such resources.

How to use Common resource in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that you can get enough of a common resource if you need it to create your products.
  2. This concern has been formalized under the concept of the "tragedy of the commons".
  3. Because anybody can enjoy its use in common, the risk of over-consumption and ultimate depletion of common resources is a big concern.
  4. We all have to be very careful about how we use the common resource of water as it is not indefinite.
  5. We all had a common resource that we could give to ensure the well being of our brand new systems.
  6. A common resource is one that can provide benefit to society but which is not owned by anybody in particular.

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