Common knowledge

Common knowledge,

Definition of Common knowledge:

  1. Something known by most people.

  2. Generally or widely known fact that may be accepted as true without investigation or verification.

Synonyms of Common knowledge

PR, Accessible, Affirmed, Announced, Ballyhoo, Blurb, Bright light, Broadcast, Brought to notice, Celebrity, Circulated, Common property, Cry, Currency, Current, Daylight, Declared, Diffused, Disseminated, Distributed, Eclat, Exposure, Fame, Famousness, Glare, Hoopla, Hue and cry, In circulation, In print, Limelight, Made public, Maximum dissemination, Notoriety, Open, Plug, Press notice, Proclaimed, Propagated, Public, Public eye, Public knowledge, Public relations, Public report, Publicity, Publicity story, Publicness, Published, Puff, Reclame, Report, Reported, Spotlight, Spread, Stated, Telecast, Televised, Write-up

How to use Common knowledge in a sentence?

  1. Its common knowledge that no one has yet found a cure for cancer.

Meaning of Common knowledge & Common knowledge Definition